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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the Membership application process at Oak Ridge Country Club?

The Membership application process includes:

  • Completion of the Membership Application Form.
  • A background check permission form.
  • Submission of a payment for the Initiation fee and first and last month’s Dues for the category of Membership for which the application is being made.

What are the club’s Leave of Absence and Resignation policies?

Leave of  Absence: A member may apply for a Leave of Absence for a variety of reasons, with a written request to the Board.  Possible factors include, but are not limited to, personal injury, medical surgery, and temporary relocation.

Resignation: Members may resign by providing the club with a 30-day written notice requesting resignation.  Members are responsible for applicable dues and charges during the 30-day notice period, and no refund of any pre-paid fees, including dues, will be made if a member elects to resign.  Should the member decide to rejoin at a later date, the full Initiation fee, and applicable dues will apply.

What should I do if I have additional questions about Membership?

There are many ways to ask us a question and we’re glad to answer any number of them.

  1. Feel free to give us a call at (865) 482-2436
  2. Or, email us at orccoffice@oakridgecountryclub
  3. Or, just ask us a question right here.
  4. More specific questions are answered beyond the form.

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Questions About Golf at ORCC

What types of Member tournaments are held at Oak Ridge Country Club?

The club hosts many golf events throughout the year including the Club Championship, Match Play Championship, the Member-Member, and the Member-Guest tournaments.  Most events either use the Member’s GHIN handicap or are flighted in order to create an even playing field for all golfers.


Questions About the 19th Hole

What types of social events does the club host?

The club hosts numerous member social functions including cocktail parties, dinner dances, holiday celebrations and family oriented events.  Functions are announced via our “Clubster” app as well as regular emails.  If you have ideas for social events and/or would like to get involved in these events, or house committee is always open for new ideas.


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