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Here at Oak Ridge Country Club, we love our history. Let’s take a look back at some of the club tournaments we had in 2018. It was an exciting year in the race for the Jake Horton Player of the Year Award. It came down to the final tournament where several players had a shot to win. But first, a little bit about the Jake Horton Award.

Beloved past member Jake Horton

Jake was a Charter Member of Oak Ridge Country Club in 1947 and continued to support the club until he passed away at the age of 100 in 2014. In 2012 , Jake was honored by the club by adding his name to the first ever Player of the Year Award. This award is given annually to the member that shows excellence throughout the tournament season. Thank You to Jake for his many years of support and we are proud that his name will live on at ORCC for years to come.

Eight Tournaments make up the schedule to see who will be the player of the year…

  • The Master’s Draft Tournament
  • The Member-Member Tournament
  • The Summer Match Play
  • The 2-Man Stableford Tournament
  • ORCC Men’s Club Championship
  • The Member-Guest Tournament
  • ORCC Ryder Cup Matches
  • The Team Championship

Master’s Draft Tournament

The 2018 Kickoff

The Master’s Draft Tournament is really the kick-off of the golf season for us here at ORCC. Teams of two players compete in a Best Ball format, usually the week before the masters, later combining their score with 3 professional golfers competing the the Masters. Winners are determined by how the perform the week prior as well as how they stand with their pros.

This year’s winners of the Master’s Draft Tournament were:
Alan Rinderknecht & Jimmy Smith

The Bimbo Invitational

In Loving Memory

The Bimbo Invitational is a 2-Person, Four-Ball format that we hold in the back half of April, but it’s really much more than that. James “Bimbo” Wright was a tremendous advocate for junior golf and especially underprivileged juniors. The Wright Fund was created to give these kids the opportunity to experience golf in a way that many would never be able. After the tournament one of the junior golfers in the area receives the “Bimbo’s Kids” Award giving them a one year membership to ORCC.

The winners of the 2018 Bimbo Invitational were: Chris Smith & David McCullough

The 2018 winner of the “Bimbo’s Kids” Award: Colton Waggle

Member-Member Tournament

Shane Howard and Alan Rinderknecht win Member Member

Better Than Most

Our Member-Member Tournament here at Oak Ridge Country Club is one the best! It is a 2-day 36-hole event that consists of three formats. Two person teams are divided by handicaps into flights named after the four Majors. On Saturday they play a Four Ball stroke play. Sunday the teams play a two person scramble on their first 9, take a break, then play alternate shot on their second 9-holes.

2018’s winners of the Member-Member were:
Shane Howard & Alan Rinderknecht

Summer Match Play

Scratch Division

Winner: Josh Wheeler

Handicap Division

Winner: Jonathan Cox

The Scotch

Net Scottish Low Ball

Teams of four players were determined by a blind draw of A,B,C,&D players by handicap. Players were able to select the best drive off the tee and play their own ball in from there. They were given 75% of their handicaps and one drive must be selected from each player.

The 2018 winners of the The Scotch:
Craig Junio, Brenton Griffith, Pat O’Neal, & Randy Keyser

ORCC Club Championships

Men’s Scratch

Men's Champion Craig Junio
Craig Junio

Men’s Net

Men's Net Champion Tim Mullins
Tim Mullins

LGA Championship

LGA Champions Carolyn Singer & Thelma Douglass
Carolyn Singer & Thelma Douglass

Every division in 2018’s Club Championship contests were closely fought. Thanks to everyone that competed!

ORCC Member-Guest

Let the Games Begin!

As it is for many clubs, our Member-Guest is the biggest event of the year. Members invite one guest to compete against 5 other two-person teams in their division. Five 9-hole matches determine which 12 teams advance to the “Playoff.” These teams face-off in a one hole playoff. Playoff winners then play in a 3-hole shootout with 2 team being eliminated on the first 2 holes.

With outstanding play and a little luck the 2018 winners of the Member-Guest were: Bryce Kendrick & Mitchell Thomas

ORCC Ryder Cup Matches

Captain Rinder Wins Again!

Two 12-Person teams compete against each other in a “Ryder Cup” style format. On the Friday before, team captains Alan Rinderknecht and Josh Wheeler, took turns selecting players to be on their teams. Everyone that plays earns points toward the Jake Horton Award and the winners receive additional points.

2018 Ryder Cup Winners: Alan Rinderknecht, Glenn Hudson, Darrel Kohlhorst, Gary Mullins, Tim Mullins, Jay Mullins, Shane Howard, Scott Gilbert, Jody Waddell, Nick Lavorato, Brenton Griffith, & Ron Reagan

ORCC Team Championship

The “Team Championship” described in on word would be Strategy. This is the final event for the Jake Horton Player of the Year and it often determines who will take the honor that year. Players at the top of the standings have tough decisions to make on which teammates give them the best opportunity to win the Team Championship as well as the Jake Horton Award. As 2-person teams they play Best Ball on the front nine and Alternate Shot on the back nine. If they chose the correct teammate and play good golf they may be crowned the Player of the Year.

The 2018 winners of the Team Championship were:
Shane Howard & Jody Waddell

Jake Horton – Player of the Year

Jake Horton Player of the Year Winner!

Shane Howard

Shane was the model of the consistency in 2018 receiving points in every event that involved the Jake Horton Award. He also finished first in both the Member-Member and the Team Championship. Shane was also on the winning Ryder Cup Team. Congratulations on a great year Shane!

Golf at Oak Ridge Country Club is also fun, competitive, and fast! If that’s the way you enjoy golf, come join us!

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