BoD Minutes

From the President of ORCC Board of Directors:

The monthly BOD meeting was held last night and several new motions were approved. The new roof for the cart shed was approved and should be installed before the end of the year. This is much needed as current leaks are starting to do real structural damage. The trees around the shed have been cut down and the remainder of the stumps will be removed shortly. Due to some of the damage done to the roof was the weather, insurance will be helping on part of the costs. We are currently evaluating the clubhouse roof to include in our 2021 plan. The stumps on the course on 7 and 13 will also be removed shortly. Several trees on the course need to come down and most of that will be winter work for Guy and his team.

The BOD voted to decline bidding on two new tournaments for next year, one requiring 6 play days over a 3-week period and the other being of no financial benefit to the club. These are not repeat tournament and ones we have not had in the past. We expect the tournaments, we normally have in the spring and summer, to return next year, providing we are past the COVID virus. Every tournament is reviewed for impact to our course, our club, our members as well as financial benefit and approved prior to commitment. Tournaments are a great opportunity to showcase our wonderful facility and course but must be controlled and a minimal impact to our members.

Financial performance to the budgets has been outstanding this year and despite COVID our club is doing well. Every department is working hard to meet their numbers and golf, under Mike Martin and Glenn Hudson’s direction, continues to perform well beyond expectations. Because of this, there will be no open play this fall and hopefully, no in the future. This is a private club and we want to keep it that way.

Our Social committee is really hitting its stride. A Halloween party is being planned for members and their families. Candy, costume contests, and hay rides will be part of the party. Watch for details and please attend, it should be lots of fun. Tailgate parties are being held on Saturdays for game days. Please watch for announcements and join us in the clubhouse.

Finally, COVID is still with us. Effective November 1st, our staff will be wearing masks in the clubhouse. We will change the signs on the doors and encourage everyone, when in the clubhouse, to wear your masks and social distance as much as possible. We have no known cases at ORCC currently and we want to keep it that way with your help.

Darrel Kohlhorst, President